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Technological Changes

In our class of Business we had seen the technological changes in marketing. Our teacher, Mary Aragone made a presentation about this and then we conpleted it all together.

Recruitment and Selection Process

In our class of Business we had started seen our following unit that is “Recruitment, Selection and Training workers”.  We searched for a job advertisement and I had chosen being a “Corporate Finance Manager“. This is my work.


  • Degree from the University of Oxford on Economics and Management or similar is essential.
  • Solid understanding of management of management accounting


  • NHS previous experience is essential.
  • Fully acquainted with systems and processes to improve working processes.
  • Management accounting.

Personal Qualities:

  • Ability to think things through with a clear and unbiased mind.
  • Ready to take important decisions in the short term.
  • Innovative and creative

Job Description


The candidate will have to review a number of systems and processes to identify more efficient ways of working. This will include looking at reporting processes, efficiencies and system improvements.

People in  charge:

  • The manufacture sector (15 Employees)

The Employee will have to report and obey commands to

  • The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

This job is:

  • A new position.

Can existing workers do these duties without hiring someone new?

No because they need someone to supervise their processes.

Would you change anything in the advertisement? Why?

No, I wouldn’t because it has full precise and clear information

Name of the company:

CY Executive

Resourcing Ltd

Kim Dowdeswell