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The Impact of the WW1 and the Birth of the Weimar Republic

In our History class we had made a presentation about the Nazi Rule. I work with Agustín Segura and our topic was “The Impact of the WW1 and the Birth of the Weimar Republic”.

Analysing An Astrologer´s Day – Task

This is an activity that our teacher of Language, Pilar Pando, tell us to make. I work with Juan Lutowicz.


  • Astrologer: He don’t know much about astrology, but he is inteligent and manage to go on with his profession;
  • Astrologer’s wife: She is a secondary character, but helps him loading off his feelings;
  • Guru Nayak (Client of the astrologer): He happened to be the person the astrologer had stabbed and left for being dead when they were youngsters.


The story begins with the description of the life of the astrologer. In the street he works  is full of other vendors such as medicine sellers,magicians,auctioneers of cheap cloth who conduct their individual trades creating noise all day. The man is not trained to become an astrologer and has little knowledge of the stars but he depends on his wits, his power of observation and his insight into the human mind. It is just practice, and some shrewd guesswork that help him. With experience, he has learned the tricks of the trade. One day, after having finished his daily business, he is about to leave for home when he sees a man close by and hoping to make him a client. The man demands the astrologer tell him something worthwhile about his future.Then he realize he was the one that he try to kill in the past. His name is Guru Nayak and the astrologer tells the client that he had been stabbed and pushed into a well presuming he was dead. Finally, Guru Nayak was satisfied with the answer, gives him some coins and leaves feeling happy at the thought that the man he wanted to kill is already dead. The astrologer comes home and tells his wife that a big load was off his mind that day because he had discovered that the man he thought he had murdered years back in his native village and because of whom he had left home, was in fact alive. He also realizes that Nayak had given him less money than he had promised.

Ironic Element:

When the astrologer’s client (Guru Nayak) didn’t realise that the astrologer, the one that had been talking for a long time was the one that in some past tried to kill him.

Setting in place:

The setting of place of the story is in India, when it said that the coin that Guru Nayak gave to the astrologer is a “rupee“. Also “Jaggery“, that is a traditional non-centrifugal cane sugar consumed in South India. This things said that the story probably is set in India.


  • Irony and Fate;
  • Religion and Blind Faith;
  • Crime and Guilt; and
  • Human Greed.

Postcolonial Literature

In our Literature class we have read a story call “A Horse and Two Goats”. We have analyzed the macrocosm of the story that is Postcolonialism. Here is a SlideShare that explains what is Postcolonialism.

A Horse and Two Goats – Essay

In our class of Literature we have read a story call “A Horse and Two Goats” and we have to write an essay which the main theme is the clash of cultures. Here is mine.

The most important thing in A Horse and Two Goats, and in fact the central theme of Narayan´s work, is the clash of cultures. Do you agree?

Narayan is considered to be a post-colonial writer since he was born in India when it was an English colony, but produced his literature after setting free from the English. I strongly believe that the central theme of his work is the clash of cultures. This can be easily seen in the story “A Horse and Two Goats”

The story pivots on the encounter between a red-faced man, that is, an American and Muni, an Indian man who over the years has gone down hill. This meeting is both funny and sad because the communication between them is completely disrupted. At the very beginning, when the American gets off the car, Muni´s first thought is run away due to the fact that the mas is wearing khaki clothes, concluding that he is either a policeman or a soldier, this  shows how, from the start of the conversation, one talks about a thing (either the gas problem or the statue)  while the other thinks of another, such as being arrested. Clearly not getting the right message.

After that, Muni is able to overcome his fear and greets the man in Tamil, but later on, understanding the man only speaks English, he says the only words that he knows, “yes,no” and then continues talking on Tamil. Another instance of miscommunication takes place when the man offers his card. This proves how their cultures differ.One thinking of giving a presentation card and the other thinking he was getting a warrant.

In conclusion, it can be seen that the main theme in the story is the clash of cultures. This is seen in most of narayan´s literature pieces of writing and can be prove with all I have analyze

An Astrologer’s Day – Comic

In our class of Language we had read “An Astrologer’s Day” and our teacher told us to make a comic in relation to the story. This is mine.

Odysseus and the Cyclops

For our class of Oral we had to make a that I had made with Juan Ignacio Lutowicz about a legend or myth. We chose “Odysseus and the Cyclops”.


Este es un Comic que tuvimos que hacer en nuestra clase de Lengua. Trabajé con Agustin Segura y Juan Lutowicz.

En la ciudad Patona deciden contratar a Patón para resolver un caso que solo alguien tan inútil como él puede resolver: Derrotar al malvado pie chico!!! Cuando fué a enfrentarlo,  Patón desubrió que había perdido su poder y tuvo que tomar un vaso de ácido sulfúrico para recuperarlo. Finalmente lo recuperó y salvó a Ciudad Patona.



Devolução do trabalho dos alunos do Brasil

Esta é uma devolução do trabalho que os alunos do Brasil fizeram sobre sua escola no projeto Intercâmbio Intercultural Brasil-Argentina. Eu trabalhei com Agustín Segura e Juan Lutowicz.

  1. Que mostra o power point?
  2. Gostaram? Por quê?
  3. Que mais gostariam de saber?


  1. Este PowerPoint mostra as atividades que realizam os alunos do Brasil, como eles se relacionam e interagem. Também diz que a educação é de uma extrema importância para o aluno.
  2. Nós gostamos muito porque eles puseram muita informação sobre sua escola e suas atividades típicas que fazem na escola.
  3. Nos gostaríamos de saber:
  • Quantos alunos são no total?
  • A que horas vocês saem da escola?
  • Sua escola é mista ou não?
  • Como se chama sua escola?

Anti SuperHéroe

Nuestra profesora de Lengua nos pidió que hagamos un Anti Superhéroe con lo visto en clase. Este es el mío.

El Chico Libro.

Cuando alguien lo necesita se destruye él mismo.

Crime Report

In our class of Language we had seen how to write a crime story. Now our teacher asked us to write a crime story and then uploaded to ISSUU. Here is mine.

It was a gloomy night. It had been raining heavily. It was late and I was walking home alone. I had a visit tonight; my best friend Tom was coming over to have dinner. We were going to celebrate his new job position, thought both of us had been interviewed for it. In the end, the company chose him. We both knew what that meant: the love of Rachel.

It had all started when we were children. Tom, Rachel and me had always been best friends and of course we both fell in love with her, but she loved only one thing: money. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t planning to celebrate with Tom. I was planning to kill him. In my pocket I was carrying the nice and sweet poison that my dear friend Tom would get. He would have a slow and painful death, but not in my house of course! On the street was much better. I had to thanks Rudolf, a German foreigner who had sold it to me for when in need. That time came.

Tom looked very happy because of the dinner I cooked. We drank wine and champaign, and I gave him the biggest glass cup I had to show admiration to him, but in truth, it was so as not to get confused with the poisonous glass.

The following day Tom’s name was on every newspaper headline: “Young executive found dead on the street. No suspects”. During that same morning Tom’s ex company called to offer me this position which I accept gladly.

In the evening the phone rang again. I knew perfectly well who it was…