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Pierre Gaspard Chaumette – Fakebook

In our History class we are studying the French Revolution. I order to that we were assigned in pairs to work with one of the characters that participate on the French Revolution. I worked with Juan Lutowicz and our character was Pierre Gaspard Chaumette. Here is the Fakebook.


Pierre Gaspard Chaumette


The Eye as a Sense Organ: Pupil Reflex

In our Biology class we have been studying how the Nervous System works. We had seen that in the Nervous System are sense organs such as the eye. After knowing that, our teacher told us to make an activity on her blog about the pupil reflex in the eye. I work with Juan Lutowicz.

  1. Search in the internet a short video about pupil reflex.

2. Draw a flow chart explaining the reflex (stimulus, receptors, coordinator, effectors, effect and response).

Pupil Reflex