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Online Test: The Gothic Novel

In our Language class we habe seen “The Gothic Novel” as a genre. After learning all the vocabulary and the main characteristics of this genre our teacher prepare to us an Online Test. Here is mine.

TASK 1: Publish an infographic including the main characteristics of the Gothic Novel as a genre. Name at least two relevant pieces of work and their writers.

The Gothic Novel

TASK 2: Imagine you had to interview one of the  authors of these stories: The Cask of Amontillado, The Monkey’s Paw and The Yellow Wall Paper. Choose one. Find out about him/her and write the interview. What would you ask them? What would they answer? Publish your interview. (10-14 exchanges)

I had chosen W.W jacobs, the writer of “The Monkey’s Paw”.

I: Hi! Hello! Thank you for being here.

J: My pleasure.

I: Tell me, where were you born?

J: I was born in London, England.

I: Right, you are a great writer William. What generally inspires you?

J: Well, lots of things. Human relations, wars, money, regrets, wish, etc.

I: Now, talking about the story “The Monkey’s Paw”, what made you decide to change your common genre, which is comedy?

J: Well, I had got a bit bored of comedy of comedy and I thought that turning to the horror genre was a nice change for the best, so I got involved in what it took to write a proper horror story and I finally came up with my collection of ghost stories “The Lady of the Barge”.

I: That’s indeed a scary collection! There are some horror elements to discuss. Let’s get started by “The Monkey’s Paw” and its origins, India. Why India?

J: Because India is the country of the mystical, the country of the superstition, of the hundred gods and of the unexplored. So making the paw from India seemed like the perfect origin to me.

I: Greta! What about its function? That is, changing someone’s fate. Do you believe in fate?

J: Well, that’s a difficult question! I would say I don’t, but having an element which would influence our destiny would be interesting. Don’t you think so?

I: Yeah, but frightening too!

J: Of course!

I: And what about the White’s just wishing money?

J: Money runs this world, so I thought it was the perfect wish, although they had to pay a high price for that.

I: What about you? Are you someone worried about money?

J: Not really, I have refused money on several occasions. Thought I remained in my deck position because it was economically stable.

I: Why?

J: Because despite money is not everything to me, it is necessary.

I: If you could, would you like to have an element change your fate?

J: If I had to pay such a high price as my son’s life, I wouldn’t!

I: Have you ever been to India?

J: No, I haven’t. But I’ve heard enough stories to get inspiration from.

I: That’s a lot of your time William!

J: Thank you!


In our class of Biology we have seen the topic “Pathogens”. Then our teacher told us to do a presentation for adults explaining this topic. Here is the presentation. I worked with Tomas Borda, Juan Lutowicz, Joaco Venini and Bauti Olaizola.

TP Fisicoquímica – “Sustancias Polares”

En nuestra clase de Fisicoquímica estuvimos viendo el tema: “Sustancias polares y no polares”. Este es un experimento que tuvimos que hacer para explicar el tema visto en clase. Trabajé con Tomas Borda.

The Monkey’s Paw – Analysis

In our Language class we have started reading Gothic Stories. Our first story was “The Monkey’s Paw” written by William Wymark Jacobs. After reading the story we had analysed it. Here is the presentation.