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Lending Library – Prezi

This is a Prezi showing how we are going to make our oral presentation of the Lending Library.

Dumb Martian – Analysis

This is a SlideShare showing the analysis of a story we have read in our class of Language that is call “Dumb Martian”.

The Escape – Letter

Our teacher of Language, Pilar Pando, told us to write a letter from Patsy to her family telling them how she was planning to escape. My group was Juan Lutowicz.

Dear relatives,

I’m writing to you because I’m planning to escape from my house to visit you soon. I’m afraid of leaving alone the childs with my husband because he is very cruel with them and I don’t know how I’m going to escape. He always hit me in front of the childs. Alton is always keeping an eye on me but I think I will tell Miss Ruby that is a good friend of me to help me on that. The plan is that Mrs. Ruby distract Alton, so I escape from the back of the house without been discovered. I miss you a lot and I hope this plan will take me to Jamaica again.

Best wishes,


Rural/Country People

This is a Glogster that our teacher of History told us to do about “Rural/Country People”. I made it with Gonzalo Vazquez Avila.

Literature Essay – “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”

In our class of Literature we had read a poem called “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” by William Wordsworth and our teacher told us to make an essay. This is my essay.

Explore amazement (Surprise) at nature and man-made objects in “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”.

“Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” is a poem written by William Wordsworth which describes how amazed is the writer about the city of London in the early morning. He feels amazement for both elements from nature and man-made objects.

First of all the writer personifies the city because he states that its heart is resting, “And all that mighty hearts is lying still!”, as the sun is rising due to the early morning. In addition he assumes that this same heart beats quickly during the day. He finds that the city and nature co-exists harmonically, “All bright and glittering in the smokeless air”, this means the smoke that shimmers from factories, towels or the city itself does not pollute London. These two examples clearly show the positive view the writer has of the man-made objects. He feels amazed by them and does not think they interfere with nature, on the contrary, they co-existed.

Secondly the writer expresses his amazements with regards to nature, “Never did sun more beautifully steep”, Wordsworth personifies the sun by saying that it has never shown so wonderfully and lively in the city; as if the sun were extremely happy to lay its rays on the city. Another example of nature personified and being happy to be part of the city is the river, “The river glideth at his own sweet will”. Here it can be seen that river is feeling wonderful moving at its own pace. Moreover, the word “sweet” goes hand in hand with the positive feeling the writer is describing.

In conclusion the amazement that the writer feels for the city of London is shown on natural elements as well as man-made objects.


Ensayo Lengua

En nuestra clase de Lengua estuvimos viendo las características del cuento maravilloso y vimos la película “Mirror Mirror”. A partir de la película y de las características tenemos que hacer un ensayo. Este es el mío.

¿Puede considerarse a la película “Mirror Mirror” como parte del género maravilloso?

En el siguiente texto voy a demostrar por qué “Mirror Mirror” puede considerarse como parte del género maravilloso.

Para empezar en la película “Mirror Mirror” se establecen características del cuento maravilloso como las prohibiciones que le da la madrastra a Blanca Nieves, la magia del espejo de la madrastra y personajes que no existen en la realidad como los siete enanitos. Como todo cuento maravilloso están los personajes buenos y malos que siempre se pelean y termina ganando el bondadoso. Por último no se respetan las leyes de la naturaleza cuando la madrastra en el espejo usa magia negra para controlar seres inexistentes para engañar a Blanca Nieves que ocurren varias veces más hasta que la madrastra se da por vencida.

Además de ocurrir hechos que aclaran que es del género fantástico también no aparecen características como que el relato esté narrado en tercera persona la cual en la película está en primera persona. Unas de las características más importantes es la aparición de un príncipe u otro personaje que salve la vida del protagonista, pero en la película pasa todo lo contrario.

En conclusión “Mirror Mirror” puede considerarse parte del género maravilloso ya que cumple con las funciones y las características del cuento maravilloso.

Our Language Test

This is our Language Test. We must search for a famous person and make the following activities.

1) Look for a biography of a celebrity or a person you admire  and post it in your blog. Write a short paragraph explaining why you have chosen him or her.(50 words)

Sergio Gabriel Martínez (Maravilla Martínez) was born in 21th February  of 1975 in Quilmes. He is an Argentine professional. He is the current Lineal, The Ring and WBC Middleweight champion. Martinez is currently rated as the number five pound for pound best boxer in the world by most spotrting news and boxing websites, including Sports Illustrated, ESPN and Yahoo! Sports. He is rated as the n°. 4 pound of pound boxer in the world by The Ring. In 2010 he received The Ring and BWAA “Fighter of the Year” and The Ring “Knockout of the Year” Awards. Martínez holds notable victories over former World Champions like: Kelly Pavlik, Paul Williams, Sergiy Dziziruk and Julio César Chavez Junior. Last year he had fought with Martin Murray and he had won. Because of a family tradition he started boxing when he was twenty years and trained with his uncle Rubén Paniagua.

2) Write an interview you could have had with that person and post it.What would you ask him/her? Use at least four different tense forms. (at least 15 exchanges)

  • Hi Sergio, are you ready for the questions?
  • Hi Tomi, yes I’m ready.
  • Why did you decide to be a boxer?
  • I decided to be a boxer because it was a family tradition.
  • Ok. Which other sport did you practice?
  • I had practiced football before I started boxin in a neighbour team called Claypole.
  • Do you like to be one of the most famous boxer in Argentina?
  • It is a good question, but yes because I feel good knowing that people appreciate me.
  • I agree on your answer. What is your history of fights?
  • I won 51 fights (28 for Knock Out), draw 2 and losed 2 fights.
  • Oh!! I t is a good fighting history.
  • Why did you say this year is going to be your last fight?
  • I said that because my mother told me to stop fighting and I had a lot of wounds.
  • The last question, do you like to fight in Argentina?
  • Yes, I like very much fighting in Argentina because I’m with my people.
  • Thanks Sergio.
  • You’re welcome Tomi.

3) Prepare an online questionnaire to check everybody´s knowledge of this famous person.  Try this one if you like:

This is mine.

History Essay

Our teacher of History, Lenny, told us to write an essay on this question: “How far were the 1920’s a won decade?”. Here is my essay.

How far were the 1920’s a won decade?

In the 1920’s in USA it happened very important things. Many positives and another negatives. I will evaluate if the 1920’s were finally a won decade or not.

As a possitive we can mention the following things. Firstly, there was the economic boom which cause the indrustrialization that allowed many things at low prices and credit that facilitate the increased of consuming goods by the population. Secondly it was the isolationism to manage the effort of the country in the developed of the communication, the road building programme, the new truck industry, the electricity generation and distribution, the aircraft companies, among other things. In summary the USA became more rich and powerfully in the world. Thirdly entertaiment industries were developed (Cinema, Sports, Theatre).

However there were also many problems. Firstly, the developing of the oil and electricity industry damaged the coal industry because oil and electricity were more useful in that moment.  Secondly there were many problems in farming because there was overproduction and farmers couldn’t sell it. Thirdly there was intolerance and prejudice that grew between Americans against the black people and immigrants. The most famous movement was the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) developed by white people to attack and kill black people in the south states.

In conclusion: in spite of the negative things the 1920’s was a very important decade for the Americans because they won on development, economy and entertaiment. It was a won decade.