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Diary Entry

Our Language teacher told me to post in my blog a Diary Entry that I did about “My First Day at School”.

March 12th

Today I had started Secondary School, I had waken very early and it is the first day. I’m nervous because this year there are new subjects and they are difficult for me. Those subjects are: Recalling Historycal Data and Practical Skills. I’m afraid of Practical Skills because for me it is like Biology and i don’t like doing experiments and going to the lab. My expectations for this year are doing all the homework and hand it in on time and study more to pass exams with higher notes. This year my responsibilities are more than previous years because Senior 2 is more demanded than Senior 1, I think. But the most important thing is doing all the homework and paying a lot of attention in class.

1° Atividade do Intercâmbio com o Brasil

Este ano vamos fazer um intercâmbio com os alunos do Brasil. Estes alunos prepararam umas perguntas para que nós respondêssemos. Este é um trabalho para nós conhecermos melhor uns aos outros.

Estas são as perguntas de Paula.

1- Eu tenho quinze anos e ela tem quatorze anos.

2- O nome da nossa escola é Colegio Las Cumbres.

3- Em meu tempo livre eu gosto do jogar da PlayStation 3 e ela gosta de escutar musica.

4- Eu me levanto as quinze para as sete, tomo o cafe a manha, troco e despois eu vou a escola. Eu volto da escola as cinco da tarde e eu faço a tarefa. despois eu me banho, janto e vou a dormir. Ela joga hóquei e eu faço natação.

5- Eu não tenho uma musica preferida e Rochi também não.

6- A moneda de nosso pais é o Pesos.

7- Á materia que eu mais gosta e Portugués e Matemática e da matéria que ela mais gosta é History.

8- Nós sabemos falar os verbos, artigos e contraçoes em Portugues.

Estas sâo umas preguntas para voce.

1- Que esportes voce faz?

Eu faço nataçâo.

2- Qual e sua comida favorita?

Minha comida favorita é a pizza.

3- Qual e o nome da sua escola?

O nome da minha escola e Colegio Las Cumbres.

4- Qual e sua banda favorita?

Eu nâao tenho uma banda favorita

5- Voçe tem um irmâo o uma irmá?

Eu tenho um irmâo.

Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

These are some questions that our teacher, Pato Chujman, tell us to do answer in relation with the poem we had read in class. My group was: Rochi Hartmann, Lucia Roggero, Agustín Segura, Luz García Fernandez and Juan Ignacio Lutowicz.

1) What is the effect of the personification of the sun and the river?

Its makes us understand that they have lots of importance. They are described more vivid and precisely.

2)In what ways does the city resemble a natural space in this poem?

Smokeless air, quiet, beautiful, magestic, calmness, peaceful, silent, splendour.

3)  Why would the sunlight be more beautiful on buildings than on natural landmarks like valleys and hills?

Because buildings need the sunlight, not artificial lights. It made more beautiful for describe it.

Synonyms for Happy

This is a SlideShare showing some synonyms for happy that we have seen in our class of Writing and Oral.

Revision of Tenses

In our Language class we have been revising tenses and our teacher told us to choose one tutorial and give one example for each one. This is my video.

This are the other tenses:

Past Simple: VideoEx: I went to the club last Saturday.

Past Continuous: VideoEx: I was watching a movie one hour ago.

Past Perfect: VideoEx: I had made homework before she came. 

Present Simple: VideoEx: He is a very good friend. 

Present Continuous: VideoEx: I am reading an interesting book. 

Present Perfect: VideoEx: He have been working here for five years. 

Future Simple: VideoEx: I am going to the club to the swimming pool next week. 

Future Continuous: Video. Ex: This day next year I will be staying in Cariló. 

Future Perfect: VideoEx: By tomorrow afternoon I will have gone to Disney World.

The Escape – Illustrating Vocabulary

This is a SlideShare showing some words that we have to look up and we illustrated them.

The Escape – Analysis

This is a SlideShare showing the analysis of a story we have read in our class of Language that is called “The Escape” by Millie Murray.

Maravilla Martínez Biography

Our teacher of Language, Pilar Pando, told us to post a biography of a famous person that was interesting for us. We had to include a video and a photo of him/her. In this case I choose Maravilla Martinez.

Sergio Gabriel Martínez (Maravilla Martínez) was born in 21th February  of 1975 in Quilmes. He is an Argentine professional. He is the current Lineal, The Ring and WBC Middleweight champion.

Martinez is currently rated as the number five pound for pound best boxer in the world by most spotrting news and boxing websites, including Sports Illustrated, ESPN and Yahoo! Sports.

He is rated as the n°. 4 pound of pound boxer in the world by The Ring. In 2010 he received The Ring and BWAA “Fighter of the Year” and The Ring “Knockout of the Year” Awards.

Martínez holds notable victories over former World Champions like: Kelly Pavlik, Paul Williams, Sergiy Dziziruk and Julio César Chavez Junior. Last year he had fought with Martin Murra and he had won.

Because of a family tradition he started boxing when he was twenty years and trained with his uncle Rubén Paniagua.

Boxing Record

Total Fights: 55;

Wins: 51;

Wins by Knockout: 28;

Losses: 2;

Draws: 2; and

No Contest: 0.


Maravilla Martinez