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Essay Writing

This is an Essay we had made in class on Monday 12th.

How far was The League of Nations successful in the 1920´s?

In this essay I´m going to talk about how far was The League of Nations in the 1920´s and the disputes of the borders in that moment,

In one hand there were many disputes for the borders after the World War One had finished.  Ones had succeded, like Upper Silesia in 1921, the Aaland Islands in 1921, Corfu in 1923 and Bulgaria in 1925.

The others had failed and that were Vilna in 1920 and the Geneva Protocol in 1924. Vilna´s conflict was that Poland and Lithuania were two new states created by the post-war treaties. The conflict began because its population was largely Polish and in the end the Poles kept Vilna.

The Geneva Protocol said that if two members were in dispute they would have to ask The League to sort out the disagreement and they would have to accept the council´s decision but the new conservative Government refused to sign the Protocol and this in fact weakened it.

Finally Upper Silesia that was an industrial region between Germany and Poland, but the League divided the region along this line and built it in many safeguards to prevent future disputes.  Sweden and Finland wanted control of the Aaland Islands, which were in the midway between the two countries.  Both countries were threatening to fight for them, so they appealed to the League.  The League said that the Islands should go to Finland.  Sweden accepted the League´s ruling and war was avoided.  The Corfu conflict was started because of the fact that Tellini (Italian General) and his team were ambushed and killed, so on 31 August Mussolini (italian leader) bombarded and occupied the Greek Island of Corfu, then Greece appealed to the League for help.The League condemned Mussolini´s actions and suggested that Greece pay compensation, but that the money be held by the League.  The money will be paid to Italy if and when, Tellini´s killers were found.

The final conflict that had succeded was the one in Bulgaria. In October 1925, Greek troops invaded Bulgaria after an incident on the border in which some Greek soldiers were killed, after that Bulgaria appealed for help.  The League condemned the Greek action and ordered Greece to pull out and paid compensation to Bulgaria.  the Greeks obeyed but although they complain that there seemed to be one rule for the large states (Italy) and another for the smaller ones (such as themselves).  All this conflicts, in reality, succeed because after the end of the First World War the empires of Germany, Russia, Turky and Austria-Hungary were dissolved.  then new countries and limits were created, making news conflicts.

In my opinion, the new dicision of Central and Eastern Europe make limits conflicts between the new countries the League of Nations have to attend to this conflict, to prevent new wars.  The results were varied but avoid new wars during the 1920´s.