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Development of World War One

This is a slideshare that we made in the class of History. It’s about what we are studying in class: The World War One.

Literature Homework

This was our homework of literature for Tuesday 21th.

The Development of the WW1

Here is a slideshare showing the Development of the WW1.

Her First Ball

Here is a slideshare showing the analyze of the short story that we are reading in literature, “Her First Ball”.

Verbos regulares no Presente do Indicativo e pronomes possessivos

Descriptive Writing – A person I would never forget

Adrián has been my friend for five years. I first met him while I was waiting for the tennis class. He told me that he came to Argentina because his father came here to work.

He is a medium-height boy. He is fourteen years old. He has brown eyes and a large nose. He has black straight hair. He prefers wearing comfortable clothes.

Adrian’s most striking characteristics are that he is a good friend, he is always funny, he is always in a good mood and he cooperates with others. For example, if you are depressed and you need someone to lift the mood, he could help you.

All in all, Adrian is the perfect friend to talk about footbal, tennis, etc and has ideas about things like going on a trip to Orlando, New York and other places you like. That is why I consider he is one of my friends I will never forget.

Acción por omisión

En este video podemos ver a un conductor realizando una acción por omisión al atropellar a tres peatones y huir del accidente.

El Universo

Publicación de “El Universo” en Prezi, por Tomás Anania y Pancho Mosquera.