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Crime Report

In our class of Language we had seen how to write a crime story. Now our teacher asked us to write a crime story and then uploaded to ISSUU. Here is mine.

It was a gloomy night. It had been raining heavily. It was late and I was walking home alone. I had a visit tonight; my best friend Tom was coming over to have dinner. We were going to celebrate his new job position, thought both of us had been interviewed for it. In the end, the company chose him. We both knew what that meant: the love of Rachel.

It had all started when we were children. Tom, Rachel and me had always been best friends and of course we both fell in love with her, but she loved only one thing: money. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t planning to celebrate with Tom. I was planning to kill him. In my pocket I was carrying the nice and sweet poison that my dear friend Tom would get. He would have a slow and painful death, but not in my house of course! On the street was much better. I had to thanks Rudolf, a German foreigner who had sold it to me for when in need. That time came.

Tom looked very happy because of the dinner I cooked. We drank wine and champaign, and I gave him the biggest glass cup I had to show admiration to him, but in truth, it was so as not to get confused with the poisonous glass.

The following day Tom’s name was on every newspaper headline: “Young executive found dead on the street. No suspects”. During that same morning Tom’s ex company called to offer me this position which I accept gladly.

In the evening the phone rang again. I knew perfectly well who it was…

Crime Vocabulary Game

In our class of Language our teacher Pilar Pando tell us to make a game on some crime vocabulary. I work with Juan Ignacio Lutowicz and this is our game.

How to write a Crime Report/Story

This is a SlideShare showing how to write a crime report.

Passive Voice Test

This is a part of our Language Test. In this case I had to write a crime report using passive constructions and crime vocabulary.

A Painting Shop was set on fire

Language This morning at 4 AM a painting shop in the neighbourhood of Palermo was set on fire. It was caused by an arsonist. It is said that the owner of the painting shop was a smuggler; he smuggled paintings from and to Peru. Apparently it was a revenge from a client that had bought a fake painting and as a consequence burned up the whole shop. The police are working on it, but they don’t know who has the blame for having committed this crime. A big investigation has been taken place.

Crime Vocabulary

In our class of Languag  we have seen some vocabulary base on crime. This is a SlideShare showing the vocabulary we have made in class.

Passive Voice

In our class of Language we are studying passive voive. Our teacher told us to make an Infographic of Passive Voice. This is mine.


The Landlady

In our class of Language we have read a short story call “The Landlady” and we have made two presentations with the analysis.

SlideShare 1

SlideShare 2

Passive Voice

This is a SlideShare that we have made in our class of Language showing how to pass from the Active Voice to the Passive Voice.

“Dumb Martian” – Test

Our teacher of Language, Pilar Pando, tell us to make a virtual test on the story we have read in class “Dumb Martian”. I have chosen question 2 and 6.

2) Martians are described as creatures who aren’t very intelligent and this is supported by the fact that their faces make them look dumb. However, the agent warned Duncan that in the past, when they were free they were clever beings. In connection to their story, in addition, one learns that they were brave because they were ready to die with their planet.

6) Throughtout the story Duncan refers to Lellie as a “Dumb mart”; despite this, I do not agree with the characterisitcs Duncan gives to her and I have got many reasons which prove this: To start with it is Lellie the one who ends up locking Duncan out of the dome, letting him die. This is probably taken as a shock by the reader as Lellie’s actions never anticipate such end. Second of all, the story is told most of the time from Duncan’s point of view, so the writer convinces the reader that Lellie is actually dumb. Later on, however, we understand how logical her plan is. Finally we come to understand that Lellie isn’t dumb because at the end of the story she takes revenge of Duncan’s physical and verbal abuse as well as the murder of Allan Whint, her friend. In conclusion there are many proofs to believe that Lellie isn’t in fact dumb.

Summary Writing

This is a SlideShare we make in our class of Language, showing the steps on how to do a good summary and what you have to take account when you are doing it.