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Homeostasis: Control of blood sugar levels

In our Biology class we have been studying homeostasis and the control of the body temperature. After that we started learning about the control of our blood sugar levels and we were assigned to do an activity.



1c. Negative feedback: way in which the hypothalamus, skin and muscles work together to keep your internal body sugar levels in blood constant.

2. a.

Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Type 2
Causes Death of cells that secrete insulin Cells stop responding properly to insulin, obesity, lack of exercise.
Treatment Daily injections of insulin to reduce blood glucose concentration, eat regularly, manage the diet, exercise carefully to balance their energy needs with the food and insulin intake Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, losing weight.


2c. Genetic engineering: taking a gene from one species and putting it into another species.


In our Biology class we have seen a new topic: DNA. To learn some of the characteristics of DNA we watched a presentation that our teacher, Male Ravagnan, made. Here is the presentation.

Anna Frank – Prezi Presentation

In our Language class we had seen topics of racism, segregation and discrimination. After learning some characteristics of them, we were assigned to make presentations about a case on one of the topics. I worked with Juan Lutowicz and we chose to made the presentation about Anna Frank. Here is the Prezi.

Drugs Presentation: Cannabis

In our Biology class we had been studying the different types of drugs. After knowing all of their characteristics, our teacher told us to make some presentations about them. I worked with Luli Giambruni, Luz Garcia Fernandez and Bauti Olaizola; and the type of drug we made the presentation was Cannabis. Here is the presentation.

Click here for larger version

Technological Changes

In our class of Business we had seen the technological changes in marketing. Our teacher, Mary Aragone made a presentation about this and then we conpleted it all together.

TP Martín Fierro – Video

En nuestra clase de Literatura estuvimos viendo algunos de los extractos mas importantes del cuento “Martín Fierro”. A partir de lo visto y analizado en clase, nuestra profesora, Camila Aliberti, nos pidió que recreáramos o actuáramos una de las escenas del “Martín Fierro”. El grupo con el que trabajé era: Lucia Roggero, Epi Nicora y Juan Lutowicz. Este es el video que hicimos.

Este es el guión.

French Revolution: Timeline

In our History class, after studying the French Revolution, we were asked to create a timeline with all th significant events that took place during this period in France. Here is my Timeline.

The Endocryne System

In our Biology class we have been studying the Endocryne System. After learning some of its characteristics, we were asked to answer some questions in groups. I worked with Juan Lutowicz.

  1. Hormone: is a chemical substance produced by a gland, carried by the blood, which alters the activity of one or more specific target organs and is then destroyed by the liver.
  2. Glands which secrete hormones in the human body:

Endocryne System - Biology

3. Adrenaline makes your heart beat faster, supplying oxygen to your brain and muscles more quickly. This gives them more energy for fighting or for running away. It also increases the breathing rate, so that more oxygen can enter the blood in the lungs. It also causes pupils to widen, which allows more light into the eye and so we can se clearer.

“To the Evening Star” by William Blake – Analysis

In our Literature class we were assigned to analyse three poems related to the “Romantic Era”. I worked with Juan Lutowicz and the poem that we worked on was “To the Evening Star” by William Blake. Here is our presentation.

Pierre Gaspard Chaumette – Fakebook

In our History class we are studying the French Revolution. I order to that we were assigned in pairs to work with one of the characters that participate on the French Revolution. I worked with Juan Lutowicz and our character was Pierre Gaspard Chaumette. Here is the Fakebook.


Pierre Gaspard Chaumette