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The Endocryne System

In our Biology class we have been studying the Endocryne System. After learning some of its characteristics, we were asked to answer some questions in groups. I worked with Juan Lutowicz.

  1. Hormone: is a chemical substance produced by a gland, carried by the blood, which alters the activity of one or more specific target organs and is then destroyed by the liver.
  2. Glands which secrete hormones in the human body:

Endocryne System - Biology

3. Adrenaline makes your heart beat faster, supplying oxygen to your brain and muscles more quickly. This gives them more energy for fighting or for running away. It also increases the breathing rate, so that more oxygen can enter the blood in the lungs. It also causes pupils to widen, which allows more light into the eye and so we can se clearer.

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