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Nervous System

In our Biology class  we had started to see the “Nervous System”. In class our teacher told to read some pages that she gave us and then to complete some activities.

BBC Bitesize and Intel Education Resources.


1a) A. Lesson introduction; B. Your control centre – The key parts; C. The receptors; D. The neurones – Nerve cells; E. Different types of neurones; F. Progress question; G. The Central Nervous System; H. Progress question; I. The Nervous Pathway; J.  Example of a Nervous Pathway; and K. Progress question.

1b) Relay Neuron: The nerve cell that transmits electrical impulses from sensory neurones to motor neurones. Image.

Sensory Neuron: The nerve cell that transmits electrical impulses from receptors in the sense organs to the CNS. Image.

Motor Neuron: The nerve cell that carries electrical impulses from the CNS to effectors such as muscles or glands. Image.

1c) This is a diagram showing the Reflex Arc. Diagram.

1d) The following video is a short explanation about how the Synapse works.

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