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“The Rain Horse” – Important Quotations

In our Literature class we had read the story called “The Rain Horse” written by Ted Hughes. After analysing and discussing it our teacher told us to search some quotations about the events of the story. This is the task. I work with Juan Lutowicz.

  1. “Holding his collar close and tucking his chin down into it”,  “(…)  A wave of anger went over him: (…) anger against the land that made him feel so outcast.”
  2. “A thin, black horse was running across the ploughland towards the hill, its head down, neck stretched out. It seemed to be running on its toes like a cat, like a dog up to no good.”
  3. “In blinding rain he lunged through the barricade of brambles at the wood’s edge.”
  4. “At the wood top, with the silvered grey light coming in behind it, the black horse was standing under the oaks, its head high and alert, its ears pricked, watching him.”
  5. “Like lightning his legs bounded him upright and about face. The horse was almost on top of him, its head stretching forward, ears flattened and his lips lifted back from the long yellow teeth.”
  6. “Out in the middle of the first field, tall as a statue, and a ghostly silver in the under-cloud light, stood the horse, watching the wood.”
  7. “Its whinnying snort and the spattering whack of hooves seemed to be actually inside his head.”
  8. “He picked two stones about the size of goose eggs.”
  9. “He let out a tearing roar and threw the stone in his right hand. The result was instantaneous.”
  10. “His aim seemed to be under superior guidance. The stone struck and rebounded straight up into the air, spinning fiercely, as the horse swirled away and went careering down towa-rds the far bottom comer of the field…”
  11. “‘You stay there!’ he shouted. ‘Keep your distance and you’ll not get hurt'”. In this part of the story the human seem to be superior to the horse by ordering him to stay in the place he was.
  12. “Piece by piece he began to take off his clothes, wringing the grey water out of them, but soon he stopped that and just sat staring at the ground, as if some important part had been cut out of his brain.”

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