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Recruitment and Selection Process

In our class of Business we had started seen our following unit that is “Recruitment, Selection and Training workers”.  We searched for a job advertisement and I had chosen being a “Corporate Finance Manager“. This is my work.


  • Degree from the University of Oxford on Economics and Management or similar is essential.
  • Solid understanding of management of management accounting


  • NHS previous experience is essential.
  • Fully acquainted with systems and processes to improve working processes.
  • Management accounting.

Personal Qualities:

  • Ability to think things through with a clear and unbiased mind.
  • Ready to take important decisions in the short term.
  • Innovative and creative

Job Description


The candidate will have to review a number of systems and processes to identify more efficient ways of working. This will include looking at reporting processes, efficiencies and system improvements.

People in  charge:

  • The manufacture sector (15 Employees)

The Employee will have to report and obey commands to

  • The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

This job is:

  • A new position.

Can existing workers do these duties without hiring someone new?

No because they need someone to supervise their processes.

Would you change anything in the advertisement? Why?

No, I wouldn’t because it has full precise and clear information

Name of the company:

CY Executive

Resourcing Ltd

Kim Dowdeswell

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