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On the Verge of War

In History we have already studied the short-term causes of WW2 and the failures of the League of Nations in the 1930´s. Now we have to work with some protagonists of the conflicts of the league before the beginning of WW2. For this, we had to create a Fakebook of one of the protagonists. I worked with Luli Giambruni, Delfi Miy Uranga and Joaco Venini and our protagonist was Haile Selassie.


“Fakebook” is a fake Facebook in which you can create a false profile of a character of a story or comedy that you like. In this case it is a profile of a history character that is call Haile Selassie.

Short Term Causes of WW2

For me this Meograph is well made and had a lot of information that can help to study the Short Term Causes of The Second World War.

WW2 Animation

This is a very interesting and entertaing video that helps  a lot to understand how the Second World War was developed and how countries attacked other territories. In the video is well explained the movements of the countries and how the allies in the USSR and the USA managed to recovered all their territories loosed.

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