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“A Birthday” – Analysis

In our Literature class we have read the poem “Birthday” by Christina Rosetti. Then our teacher, Pato, told us to enter in her blog and watch a video about the poem and asnswer some questions. i worked with Agustin Segura.

A. What is the theme?

Self-expression and the natural world and Memory and forgetfulness because in the poem she narrated that in the past she felt in love with a man and then she broke with him, but at this moment she remembered good times she had with him.

B. What is the tone?

The tones of the poem are love, pacific and reflective.

C. What is the main difference between the two stanzas?

The difference between the first and the second stanza is that in the first the writer talks about nature using similes comparing her feelings to natural images and in the second she writes about objects or man-made objects to express her feelings.

D. How are the similes in the poem appropriate for the romantic longings the speaker feels?

We understand that she feels that her love was intense and was precious.

E. How is the metaphor of the birthday appropriate?

The metaphor of the poem is connected to “rebirth” because she was enjoying her relationship and was happy, so “rebirth” is the perfect metaphor to explain that she wanted to felt in love again.

F. Make a list of religious symbols. What do they mean in the poem?

“And peacocks with a hundred eyes” is a metaphor that means that God sees everything from everywhere and “Doves” representing peace.

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