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Living Organisims

In our class of Biology we started to prepare for IGCSE Exam. We started to learn about the characteristics of the living things and our teacher gave us a homework in relation to this topic. Here is the task.

A) Lion


B) Three of the characteristics that we can recognize are respiration, growth and movement.

Respiration are the chemical reactions that break down nutrients molecules and release energy.

Movement is an action by an organism causing a change of position or place.

Growth is the permanent increase in size by an increase in cell number.

C) Other characteristics of the living organisims that are not shown in the picture are: Nutrition, Excretion, Reproduction and Sensitivity.

Nutrition is the process of taking in material for energy, growth and development.

Excretion is the removal from organisms of toxic materials and substances in excess of requirements.

Reproduction is the process that make more of the same kind of organisms.

Sensitivity is the ability to detect and respond to changes in the environment.

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