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“Dumb Martian” – Test

Our teacher of Language, Pilar Pando, tell us to make a virtual test on the story we have read in class “Dumb Martian”. I have chosen question 2 and 6.

2) Martians are described as creatures who aren’t very intelligent and this is supported by the fact that their faces make them look dumb. However, the agent warned Duncan that in the past, when they were free they were clever beings. In connection to their story, in addition, one learns that they were brave because they were ready to die with their planet.

6) Throughtout the story Duncan refers to Lellie as a “Dumb mart”; despite this, I do not agree with the characterisitcs Duncan gives to her and I have got many reasons which prove this: To start with it is Lellie the one who ends up locking Duncan out of the dome, letting him die. This is probably taken as a shock by the reader as Lellie’s actions never anticipate such end. Second of all, the story is told most of the time from Duncan’s point of view, so the writer convinces the reader that Lellie is actually dumb. Later on, however, we understand how logical her plan is. Finally we come to understand that Lellie isn’t dumb because at the end of the story she takes revenge of Duncan’s physical and verbal abuse as well as the murder of Allan Whint, her friend. In conclusion there are many proofs to believe that Lellie isn’t in fact dumb.

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