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History Essay

Our teacher of History, Lenny, told us to write an essay on this question: “How far were the 1920’s a won decade?”. Here is my essay.

How far were the 1920’s a won decade?

In the 1920’s in USA it happened very important things. Many positives and another negatives. I will evaluate if the 1920’s were finally a won decade or not.

As a possitive we can mention the following things. Firstly, there was the economic boom which cause the indrustrialization that allowed many things at low prices and credit that facilitate the increased of consuming goods by the population. Secondly it was the isolationism to manage the effort of the country in the developed of the communication, the road building programme, the new truck industry, the electricity generation and distribution, the aircraft companies, among other things. In summary the USA became more rich and powerfully in the world. Thirdly entertaiment industries were developed (Cinema, Sports, Theatre).

However there were also many problems. Firstly, the developing of the oil and electricity industry damaged the coal industry because oil and electricity were more useful in that moment.  Secondly there were many problems in farming because there was overproduction and farmers couldn’t sell it. Thirdly there was intolerance and prejudice that grew between Americans against the black people and immigrants. The most famous movement was the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) developed by white people to attack and kill black people in the south states.

In conclusion: in spite of the negative things the 1920’s was a very important decade for the Americans because they won on development, economy and entertaiment. It was a won decade.

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  1. Dear Tomi,

    You analysed the 1920s in USA very well, in spite of some language mistakes.

    You did not analyse the work of the League of Nations and you were expected to do so.

    5 (Five)


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