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Diary Entry

Our Language teacher told me to post in my blog a Diary Entry that I did about “My First Day at School”.

March 12th

Today I had started Secondary School, I had waken very early and it is the first day. I’m nervous because this year there are new subjects and they are difficult for me. Those subjects are: Recalling Historycal Data and Practical Skills. I’m afraid of Practical Skills because for me it is like Biology and i don’t like doing experiments and going to the lab. My expectations for this year are doing all the homework and hand it in on time and study more to pass exams with higher notes. This year my responsibilities are more than previous years because Senior 2 is more demanded than Senior 1, I think. But the most important thing is doing all the homework and paying a lot of attention in class.

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  1. I’m sure Senior II is more demanding than previous years. But I have no doubt that you’ll do great if you put all your energy into it.

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