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Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

These are some questions that our teacher, Pato Chujman, tell us to do answer in relation with the poem we had read in class. My group was: Rochi Hartmann, Lucia Roggero, Agustín Segura, Luz García Fernandez and Juan Ignacio Lutowicz.

1) What is the effect of the personification of the sun and the river?

Its makes us understand that they have lots of importance. They are described more vivid and precisely.

2)In what ways does the city resemble a natural space in this poem?

Smokeless air, quiet, beautiful, magestic, calmness, peaceful, silent, splendour.

3)  Why would the sunlight be more beautiful on buildings than on natural landmarks like valleys and hills?

Because buildings need the sunlight, not artificial lights. It made more beautiful for describe it.

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