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Revision of Tenses

In our Language class we have been revising tenses and our teacher told us to choose one tutorial and give one example for each one. This is my video.

This are the other tenses:

Past Simple: VideoEx: I went to the club last Saturday.

Past Continuous: VideoEx: I was watching a movie one hour ago.

Past Perfect: VideoEx: I had made homework before she came. 

Present Simple: VideoEx: He is a very good friend. 

Present Continuous: VideoEx: I am reading an interesting book. 

Present Perfect: VideoEx: He have been working here for five years. 

Future Simple: VideoEx: I am going to the club to the swimming pool next week. 

Future Continuous: Video. Ex: This day next year I will be staying in Cariló. 

Future Perfect: VideoEx: By tomorrow afternoon I will have gone to Disney World.

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