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The Destructors – Essay

This is an essay that I made about a story called “The Destructors” that we had read in our class of Literature.

Here it is:

How far is “The Destructors” a story about a gang destroying a house?

The Destructors is a story written by Graham Greene which deals with, at a first glance,  a group of friends pulling down a house. However, from my point of view, this story is not only about a gang destroying a house, but also about resentment of the upper class, revenge and finally destruction.

  First of all, destroying the house is a metaphor of the destruction of the upper class by the lower one. Trevor is resentful of Old Misery, ”his father, a former architect and present clerk, had “come down in the world” and that his mother considered herself better than the neighbours.”, because he did not belong anymore there. Another example that proves both that Trevor had belonged to the upper class and the rest had not is when T refers to Old Misery’s house as “beautiful” and Blackie, the ex leader, thinks, “It was the word “beautiful” that worried him-that belonged to a class world that you could still see parodied”, he did not understand T.

 Second of all, Trevor wants to take revenge on Old Misery because the latter was able to keep both his house and his social class whereas Trevor could not. When Summers suggests leaving the house and run away, T reacts angrily, “They could build inside again more beautifully than before. This could be a home again {…} We’ve got to finish.”, T does not want any possibility for the house to be rebuilt.

 Last of all, the story deals with destruction for the sake of destruction, “Of course I don’t hate him, there’d be no fun if I hated him {…}There’s only things,” they destroy because destruction is part of the human nature.

  In conclusion, “The Destructors” is not only a story about a gang destroying a house, but also about resentment of the upper class and revenge.

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