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Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat – Letter

This is a writing that I have to make in relation with the short story we have read in our class of Writing and Oral, “Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat”. There were to options of writings: 1) Write on a diary about the last day Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel spent together as if you are the Colonel. 3) To write a letter as if you were Miss Pulteney to her best friend. I have chosen the first option.

Dear diary,

Today I have spent a very strange day. When I met Mrs. Bixby I told her that we couldn’t see us anymore.

One reason for not seeing Mrs. Bixby anymore was that our relationship was good but she wasn’t enjoying it very much because she was constantly worried about her husband. She didn’t know how to pretend that she was coming to visit me every Friday month.

The other reason was that when I gave her the coat, she didn’t want to take it to his house because she was afraid that her husband found the coat. Furthermore when I told my servant to give her the price I put into the coat a letter that I wrote saying that our relationship couldn’t continue. That was because she was much pending about her husband and that for me it is like having two husbands at each time, which is very sad.

I hope this is the best option of not continue being a couple.



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