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Literature Essay – “Horses” and “Pike”

This is an essay that I made with Estanislao Casas about exploring past memories in “Horse” and “Pike”.

Explore past memories in “Horses” and “Pike”.

 “Horses” and “Pike” are two poems written by different writers at different times. However, both have relevant similarities when evoking past memories. In “Pike” the writer remembers a day in his childhood when he went to fish in a pond whereas in “Horses” he remembers how he is scared of  them.

“Pike” and “Horses” both explore past memories of their childhood.

First of all in “Pike”  as it was said before he remembers when he was a child and went to fish to a pond. “A pond I fished, fifty yards across,

Whose lilies and muscular tench had outlasted every visible stone of the monastery that planted them, stilled legendary depth:

It was as deep as England.” This quotation means while he was fishing in the pond he remembers he was afraid of pikes.

In “Horses” by Edwin Muir, he expressed his feelings about being a child and how afraid he was of horses. “They seemed terrible, so wild and strange, like magic power on the stony grange”, “Perhaps some childish hour has come again, When I watched fearful, through the blackening rain, their hooves like pistons in an ancient mill move up and down, yet seem as standing still”. This are some quotations that explain why he was scared of the horses.

To sum up, in our opinion both “Pike” and “Horses” explore past memories of their childhood.

                                                        The End


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