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New Adjectives

This is another list of adjectives that our teacher of language gave us.


Este es un Slideshare mostrando unas oraciones que analizamos en clase.

How to make a review?

This is a Prezi showing how to make a review.

Comparing Adjectives

This a list of opposite adjective:

Corageus – Coward

Crafty – Clumsy

Elegant – Ordinary

Well Mannered – Untidy

Aggressive – Peacefull/Kind/Warm-hearted

Boring – Gripping

Chubby – Skinny/Slim

Deep – Shallow

Deadly – Lively

Active – Lazy

Polite – Rude

Easy-going – Bad-munnered

Extrovert – Introvert

Sociable – Timid

Generous – Selfish/Mean

Bright/Smart – Dull/Silly/Feel

Healthy – Unhealthy

Rich – Poor

Mature – Immature

Legal – Ilegal

Determined – Weak-willed

Baggy – Tight

Frayed – New

Dirty – Clean


This is a journal that our teacher told us to do with the qualities that a friend has to have.

This are the qualities that a friend has to have for me:

– Being a good friend.

– Share things to me.

– Invite me to his house.

– Don’t humillate me in front of all.

Without friends everything could change, like not having a social life.

Contrasting Writing

This is a contrasting writing of “A Person I Will Never Forget” that our teacher told us to do. I choose Bauti’s composition.

I met Franco 5 years ago, he was the worst men I had ever met, and his father and mine were very bad friends.

He wasnt so tall, it had long brown hair, brown eyes too and a big nose. He was always playing football, he loved it and he was a very bad player.

Franco was very dump, he always  tried to make jokes or some funny stories but he wasn’t funny, only the one that laugh was him. He travelled a lot and never give me a present. You can’t say or tell him a secret because he always shout it to other people.

I’ll never forget him because he is the worst people I had ever met


The Planners – Video

This is a video showing the poem that we are seeing in Literature, then we had to answer some questions.

-Which parts of the poem can you identify?

-Which imageries relly have an impact on you?

-What effect does the music have on the reader?


These are some question that we have to do for our next class, Tuesday 11th.

Do you agree with this analysis of the poem?

Is there anything you would like to add?

Does the poet like what is happening in the city?

What do the last four lines of the poem, clearly central to what Boey is writing, say to you?

Is the poet more angry than sad? Or just resigned to what is happening?


Lengua: Análisis Sintáctico, 11/6

Historia: Pueblos del Cercano Oriente (Fenicios, Asirios y Persas),  28/6

Slideshare – Netvibes

Estas son las páginas de mis cuentas de Netvibes y Slideshare.

Netvibes y Slideshare

World Water Day – Logo



This is a logo I make of the World Water Day, you can also make one in the page of the cooperation.