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Vocabulary Activity – Wordle

Laura asked to choose 15 words from of the list and make examples.

John: Steve is very friendly, he shares all. And what about Mickael?

Pablo: Mickael is amiable, I get a good relationship with him. What do you think?

J: Yes!!! He is very generous too, he has pass all the tests.

P: He is very gullible, doesn’t he?

J: Yes!! Although he is selfish, he play alone with the computer.

P: He is very lazy, he doesn’t want to do homework.

J: Is he wide?

P: Yes, he does homework very fast. Is he shy?

J: Yes, he is. He is very shy, he didn’t want to pass in front of all. Is he kind with other people?

P: Yes, he is very kind with other people. He buy some chocolates for the class.

J: Do you think Mickael is fat?

P: No, I think he isn’t fat but he is a little bit nasty. What do you think?

J: Yes, I think he is nasty. Is he resourceful?

P: Yes!!! He is very resourceful with mathematics. Do you think he is vain?

J: Yes, he is. I think he is moody and untrustworthy.

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